Finnish folk fiends Korpiklaani to drop their 10th studio effort, Kulkija ("wanderer"), on Sept. 7 through Nuclear Blast and have just debuted the album's lead single, "Kotikonnut."

The title is Finnish for "Homestead" and opens with simple yet majestic accordion melody set against a more rigid background of chugging chords. Stripping away the energy as the verse comes in, the song gets reduced to drums, bass and vocals with a touch of the aforementioned accordion buried in the mix, offering a delicate melodic sense underneath it all that builds into an explosive moment.

"During his journey, a wanderer yearningly looks back on his home, childhood and the beauty of everything," a press release states about "Kotikonnut." "He remembers running with his girl on the meadow, believing it to last till the end of times. Although his home is now the road and a carriage run by joy, he will still always remember the happiness of his home and youth. At the time the moon was golden, shining everywhere at night, lighting up the otherwise dark countryside and the forest. The wanderer eventually accepts that everything that comes, will one day fade into a distant memory."

Listen to the track above and check out the artwork for Korpiklaani's forthcoming record below. To purchase the single, head here.

Korpiklaani, Kulkija Artwork

Nuclear Blast
Nuclear Blast

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