The news is out that guitarist Brian "Head" Welch" will perform two full sets with his former band, Korn.

Head, who split in 2005 and became a Born Again Christian, launched a solo career, and currently plays in a group called Love and Death, will take up the axe and perform with his ex-band bros at Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park in June 2013 in Germany.

This is the first time Welch has performed a full show with the band since 2004.

Is there any chance they can pull former drummer David Silveria out of retirement? One can dream...[Facebook]

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Texas Is the Reason have confirmed a batch of 2013 reunion tour dates. That'll give you something to do in winter.

1/6 Chicago, IL @ Rev 25 at House of Blues

2/15 Washington, DC @ The Black Cat

2/16 Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer

2/17 Boston, MA @ Paradise

3/8 Toronto, ON @ Lee's Palace

3/9 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade

3/29 San Francisco, CA @ Bimbo's 365

3/30 Los Angeles, CA @ The Music Box at the Henry Fonda Theater [Via Lambgoat]

Former Sworn Enemy guitarist Lorenzo Antonucci, who has reinvented himself as a wrestler, is the latest person to call out Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke, who kicked I See Stars off a tour and has a general reputation of being an asshole.

Check out the 8-minute video showing Radke's not-so-savory side, on which Antonucci comments and narrates. This is as real as it gets, which was a popular Sworn Enemy tag.

I See Stars' label Sumerian also issued the following statement:

"There is nothing cool, rock & roll, punk rock, or admirable about treating your peers or fans like they are pieces of garbage. Ronnie Radke is not a good human being. It's one thing to love someone's music, but do not love someone as an individual for who they are not. We do not think it is a coincidence this is the same guy who was arrested for the horrible, violent things you can read about in the links below. He cares about no one but himself and he has reminded us all of this. His latest tweet "people at our shows come to see us everything else is irrelevant. Nuff said." is his way of telling all the other bands he tours with that they don't matter. Why any artist would throw that type of negativity and disrespect out is something we will never understand. This scene is supposed to be about compassion and understanding. Ronnie is rotten.

Out of respect for the industry professionals involved in this debacle, we will not be publicly disclosing any legal documents on the internet. We can confirm that Ronnie kicked the band off the tour but allowed them back on after they forfeited their pay. We can confirm that they were being forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding this in order to stay on the tour. We can confirm that I See Stars were not kicked off yesterday in Detroit because of anything to do with drugs. It was because a grown man was throwing a temper tantrum who claims to be "rock & roll" but is actually worse than a neurotic pop-star diva with a God complex. Just because you no longer do drugs doesn't mean you are no longer a horrible human being. Ronnie now abuses people instead of substances." -Sumerian Records

have confirmed four North American tour dates for later this month. The band issued a statement about the dates and their canceled tour with Jarboe of the Swans. Turns out the tabled trek was the result of poor timing and that's about it

"Nachtmystiun fans on the east coast: we ARE coming out for three shows in a little over a week and finish with a fourth one in Chicago! Then we will be appearing on the Barge to Hell metal cruise ship going from Miami, FL to Nassau, Bahamas and back. Playing alongside SODOM, AT THE GATES, MAYHEM, ROTTING CHRIST, MOONSPELL, MORGOTH, NAPALM DEATH and many, many many more awesome bands!

"A full U.S. tour WILL be happening sometime between January and April, 2013. Sorry to any of you hoping to catch us on this run. The tour was doomed from the get go in a lot of ways due to things unrelated to the band or our ability to tour. Just poor timing, nothing more, nothing less. We will be doing a thorough US tour early in 2013, so look for us coming to your city soon...And anyone out in the areas we're playing in a week or so, we look forward to seeing you at the shows!"

Tour Dates:

11/18--Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar

11/19--Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus

11/20--Pittsburgh, PA @ Ironworks

11/21--Chicago, IL @ Ultra Lounge

12/3-7--Barge to Hell

[Via Press Release]

Abigail Williams broke up, or so we thought. Now, the black metal band has confirmed that they are releasing an album in 2013 and that keyboardist/pianist Ashley Ellyllon is officially in the band and will perform on the record. [Metal Insider]

The Bronx, at one time signed to IDJ and Ferret, will release a new album on Feb. 5 titled The Bronx (IV). The track listing is as follows:

"The Unholy Hand"

"Along For The Ride"

"Style Over Everything"

"Youth Wasted"

"Too Many Devils"

"Pilot Light"


"Under The Rabbit"


"Valley Heat"

"Life Less Ordinary"

"Last Revelation"

[Via Lambgoat]