One prodigal son has returned to the Korn fold in the form of guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch, who left the band in 2005, found God and eventually returned for 'The Paradigm Shift,' out in October. But what about the other MIA member, drummer David Silveria, last seen opening a steakhouse after exiting the Korn kompound in 2006? Is the door open for his return?

Frontman Jonathan Davis first spoke with about the dynamic and chemistry of the current incarnation, saying the band is happy that Head is back, before answering a bit of an awkward question about Silveria.

"It's so nice to see my bandmates, Fieldy and Munky and Ray, just up there smiling and having such a good time cause he's back and I missed him so much," Davis confessed. "And he's not crazy anymore. He's not preaching or doing any of that stuff. He was gone for almost 10 years … he's like a little kid again. He's experiencing this for the first time all over 'cause he was so messed up on drugs, so I'm having a blast watching him."

Silveria has said that he would come back if the invite was extended. But that's not something the band is ready for, since, well, they have Ray Luzier manning the kit.

"I don't think it's the right time or place," Davis said diplomatically. "Right now we're really really happy where we're at. I guess that's all I can say."

Given the Head reconciliation and Silveria's renewed interest in returning, there's always hope for Silveria fans. But at present Korn are happy with what they've got.