KISS have been in the spotlight nearly as much for their drama as they are for their Rock Hall induction lately, and vocalist Paul Stanley has addressed the band's prickly relationship with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in a new interview.

As for the Rock Hall, Stanley tells JAM!, "First of all, it's a surprise that grudgingly the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seems to have had no other choice but to induct us. They don't like us. It's a privately owned boys club. And the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has nothing to do with the public's point of view and the people behind it are not fans of ours. Once they decide to induct us, it doesn't suddenly become a love fest."

Stanley says that when the topic was broached about more members of the lineup joining them in the induction, the response is what led them to decide not to perform. He explains, "We were told, 'That's a non-starter,' which I think is arrogant considering that the people who decided (we are being inducted) are pencil pushers … so that was a bad place to start."

While he has also been critical of former bandmates Ace Frehley and Peter Criss publicly in the lead up to the Rock Hall induction, Stanley did offer this olive branch: "We are connected for life. We created something in the beginning that all four of us were a part of and had some amazing years as a band, so not to negate that, we couldn't have done it without Ace and Peter, and we couldn't be here without Ace and Peter."

We'll see what goes down tonight (April 10) during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony taking place in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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