Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley is this week's guest on VH1 Classic's 'That Metal Show,' which airs Saturday, March 26th at 11 p.m. EST.

During his interview Frehley talks about almost drowning in a Holiday Inn pool in the '70s, revealing that bassist Gene Simmons rescued him using his lifeguard training. Check out Ace's quote, and watch the minute-long clip of Ace's interview from 'That Metal Show' below.

Ace Frehley: "I actually drowned. Everyone else was f---ed up, I was f---ed up obviously, but everyone else was loaded and I went under. I'm thinking about the Bugs Bunny cartoon where he puts up one finger, and he goes down [laughs], and he puts up two fingers and he goes down. I'm laughing hysterically, and the next thing you know I'm drowning. Gene pulls me out of the pool and pumps the water out of me. Only later I found out that he was a certified lifeguard when he used to go to college."

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