Killswitch Engage will be headlining the upcoming California Metalfest and in honor of the 10th anniversary of their landmark release, 2002's genre-defining Alive or Just Breathing, they'll be playing the album in its entirety, from start to finish, as well as other more recent hits.

The much anticipated sixth annual California Metalfest will be held at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, Calif. on Saturday, Nov. 24. Ash Avildsen, founder of California Metalfest had this to say "Alive or Just Breathing is one of the most important and timeless albums for this era of heavy music. KsE's special headlining set combined with the rest of the line-up is going to make for an incredible day of metal and memories. Having all these bands in the same place on one day is really exciting both as a fan and as a festival producer."

Other bands slated to perform include Asking Alexandria, As I Lay Dying, Black Veil Brides, Pierce the Veil, Dillinger Escape Plan, and many others.

WWE Superstar "Mankind" Mick Foley will be hosting the festival along with several other stars TBA who will be doing signings and appearances. There will also be many carnival style prize games where fans can win special, limited edition band merch and memorabilia instead of stuffed animals. California Metalfest VI promises to be much more of an experience than just a day filled with great music.

Get tickets and more information at this link.

Queensryche singer (or former singer, depending on who you ask since the band members are battling bitterly) Geoff Tate dropped six-minute EPK detailing his career, proclaiming "I love my job." In the voice over, he offers stats - number of albums, how many copies sold, total countries visited on tour- and muses about how his passion for life borders on extreme. It's a little cheesy. No, it's actually a lot cheesy, but somehow, we couldn't look away and that's probably due to his relaxing voice. It's likely Tate's way of reminding people that despite being booted from the 'Ryche earlier this year amid a lot of drama, he is launching the anniversary edition of the band with new players while he continues to battle the other members of Queensryche over the name and legacy. What a mess! Luckily, this unintentionally funny EPK adds a little levity to the grim band situation. [Metal Sucks]

Watch Geoff Tate EPK

Birmingham England's blackened grinders Anaal Nathrakh will release Vanitas on Nov.6. It's the band's seventh longplayer and it's pretty apocalyptic. How apocalyptic, you ask? Well, vocalist Dave Hunt proclaims, "It sounds like someone showing you what the end of the world is like via the medium of a thousand hammers soaked in acid." Maybe there is something to that Mayan prophecy about 2012 being the end o' the world as we know it. Hunt finished, "It's more articulate and focused than any album before it in way of composition and recording technique. We worked hard and we're convinced it has paid off." Sounds like our kind of metal.

Track List:

1. The Blood-Dimmed Tide

2. Forging Towards the Sunset

3. To Spite the Face

4. Todos Somos Humanos

5. In Coelo Quies, Tout Finis Ici Bas

6. You Can't Save Me, So Stop F*cking Trying

7. Make Glorious The Embrace of Saturn

8. Feeding the Beast

9. Of Fire, and Fucking Pigs

10. A Metaphor for the Dead

Touche Amore, hands down one of the best hardcore bands of the past decade, will close out 2012 by hitting the U.S. for another go 'round on tour! The L.A. ragers will support Circa Survive, Balance and Composure, and O Brother in the States, before hitting Australia with Make Do And Mend, and finally touring Europe and the UK alongside Converge. What a series of road trips for Touche Amore. Go see them if they hit your town. We promise, you will love 'em. [Via Press Release]

Exhumed have toured with neo-deathers Job for a Cowboy on Summer Slaughter, so it's only fitting to wonder what Exhumed thought about JFAC's cover of their 'Matter of Splatter.' Turns out, they dug it.

"I think it was a trip," said Exhumed's Matt Harvey. "I think it was just right before we started talking about getting back together. That's one of the things that kept me knowing the fact that people still liked our band. I kind of assumed that people would have forgotten about us. It was really flattering hearing them doing it. Obviously, they are a band with a good stature, like a modern band, so the fact that they acknowledge us as an influence is really cool, it's really flattering." [Loudwire]

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