In a classic case of 'but wait, there's more,' Killswitch Engage have one more song from the recording of their latest album, Incarnate. Leading up to the album's release, new tracks were dished out the week of in addition to what had already been made available. So, if you thought Killswitch had unleashed as much as they could, think again because their Record Store Day single "Define Love" can be heard right now!

The unreleased cut clocks in at under three minutes, packing plenty of melody and strong-armed riffing into the short runtime. A mid-tempo bouncing rhythm dominates the track, seesawing between double kicks and anthemic beats. "Define Love" once again sees frontman Jesse Leach dive into his well of social commentary as he employs his signature dual threat voice.

"'Define Love' was written as my critique on our attempts as humans to limit love or restrict love," began Leach. "Whether it be political or religious agendas, love seems to be used as a way to manipulate people to think or act a certain way. Love is deeper than simple emotion or desire. It is an unexplainable spirit that defies our attempts to harness and understand it. True love, in my mind, is far greater than our feeble comprehension of it. We need not try to set any limitations on what defines love."

Record Store Day 2016 will be held this weekend on April 16 and "Define Love" will be available as a limited 7". Side A will feature the song while the flip side will boast silkscreened artwork specific for the single created by bassist Mike D'Antonio.

Killswitch Engage will be celebrating the commemorative day with a signing at Newbury Comics in Leominster, Mass. at 2PM ET, which will precede their headlining set on the second night of the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. More information about the signing can be found here.

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