Killswitch Engage

Their music is pretty damn serious, but on stage Killswitch Engage have always appeared a bit cartoonish, which explains why the band hired director Jim Starace to create a claymation video for the song 'Save Me.'

The clip depicts the band as space explorers who are called into action when vocalist Howard Jones is abducted by aliens while fishing. After combing the galaxy, KsE track down their singer then punish the ugly, green extra-terrestrials with a loud, rockin' performance of the song.

"It is the first time since 'Holy Diver' that we get to show our funny side in a video," said bassist Mike D'Antonio. "We think our fans are gonna love it. There are alien abductions, rocket ships and space suits. Who knew being a claymation character was this fun?"

"This was my favorite video shoot ever," guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz said. "It took like one half hour, and we were turned into clay. And who doesn't like claymation and space aliens? They didn't like my suggestion of turning me into a blood-thirsty pterodactyl with laser eyes at the end of the vid, but it's cool. It looks sweet."