Both Killswitch Engage and Lamb of God have had one hell of a year. Both bands ended the year on a high note by touring together. When Noisecreep recently chatted with Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage he spoke all about his respect and appreciation of Randy Blythe and Lamb of God as a whole.

“The Lamb of God dudes are awesome. Randy, I admire him a lot. Number one just for who he is as a performer, with what he went through number two and number three, he got sober. He used to be a heavy party animal. I’ve seen such a transition in that man, on a personal level so I admire him very much,” says Leach.

The singer goes on to talk about how Blythe inspired him and helped his confidence when he rejoined Killswitch Engage. “It meant a lot to me, it was the second or third Killswitch show, this was back when we were in Europe and it was this huge festival," says Leach. "In the back of my mind [I was] wondering about comparisons, how fans are going to take me as the new guy. Randy watched the set and came up to me after and looked me dead in the face and said, ‘You’re doing a hell of a job, I’m glad you’re back. You’ve got the passion and conviction and it’s amazing to see you do what you do because you’re killin’ it.’ It just blew me away because I didn’t expect anyone to come out and say it but it was Randy from Lamb of God and that stayed with me for the whole tour.”

Leach went on to add, “I got the seal of approval from somebody who I consider to be one of the greats in our scene in this community. From that day on we became very fast friends. He’s a hardcore kid too. I was wearing this Operation Ivy t-shirt and he just went off because we both love that band and old school hardcore and ska.”

“From what he’s been through with the prison and whole court case and he’s got a book coming out and just the person he is now, now that he’s sober, and his photography on Instagram -- it’s all just mindblowing, the stories he tells. The guy should just have his own traveling show.”

Leach concludes, “I’m a huge fan of his, so there’s my Randy speech. It’s out there Randy. I have a guy crush on you brother.”