Killswitch Engage want to make sure you have a good grasp of what they're laying down before their new album Incarnate arrives tomorrow. The band has been steadily releasing song after song in the lead up to the album's release and they continue that trend with the new song "Quiet Distress."

The track starts off with an acoustic vibe, which is a bit of a curveball from the hard-hitting songs we've heard so far, but rest assured, that's just setting the tone for some crushing heavy guitar and double kick drum brutality to follow. Frontman Jesse Leach shines, delivering a blend of screaming in the verses and a melodic vibe throughout the chorus.

"Quiet Distress" follows on the heels of "Strength of the Mind," "Alone I Stand," "Hate By Design," "Cut Me Loose" and "Embrace the Journey ... Upraising," all of which have already been released off the disc.

Leach recently told us of the Incarnate album, “I can’t put out music that doesn’t have my blood, sweat and tears on it. That’s what Incarnate is to me, it captured a moment in time for all of us in the band. I’m proud of it, man.”

If you like what you've heard so far, Killswitch Engage's Incarnate album will be in stores tomorrow (March 11). You can also pick up a copy via iTunes. Look for the band supporting the album on tour at these stops.

Killswitch Engage's Jesse Leach on Incarnate Album + Embracing His Journey

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