Killswitch Engage

He's been filling-in for Howard Jones going on three weeks, and now, it seems All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte needs a little break. According to Killswitch Engage, who Labonte has been fronting since Jones left the band's current tour with the Devil Wears Prada and Dark Tranquility to deal with undisclosed personal issues, that means their concert tonight in Tucson, Az., has to be cancelled.

The Massachusetts metallers "will have no choice but to cancel their upcoming performance in Tucson, Ariz. on March 4, 2010," the band says in a statement. "Fill-in vocalist Phil Labonte will absolutely need this day to rest and recover his voice from what has been a very grueling three-week touring schedule in which he has been asked to perform a wealth of new material."

The tour carries on for three more weeks, so, to avoid future cancellations, "the band realizes that it's crucial for Phil to get this much-needed day off so that he can be at full capacity the rest of the way."

Killswitch Engage thanked its Tucson fans for understanding and assured them "that [we] will make every effort to get back into Tucson as soon as possible."

According to Dark Tranquillity vocalist Michael Stanne, Jones had to leave the tour unexpectedly because of back ailments. "I know that Howard had some health problems, some back problems. And I think something happened that made it a lot worse, and he just couldn't continue," Stanne tells Noisecreep.

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