Take one part Pantera, one part Heaven and Hell and mix in a scorching lead guitarist and dynamic, dramatic vocalist and you get Kill Devil Hill, a modern age metal supergroup that blends veteran legends with brash up and comers.

Featuring Rex Brown on bass, Vinny Appice on drums, Mark Zavon on guitar and Dewey Bragg on vocals, the band's explosive self-titled album was just released and the reaction thus far has been off the charts.

Kill Devil Hill just got back from a co-headlining tour with Adrenaline Mob, but if you missed them, don't fret -- they'll be back on the road this summer.

Noisecreep had the pleasure of sitting down with the band in Los Angeles earlier this week to talk about what lies ahead, and how the whole thing started.

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What's most impressive is how these guys have formed an almost instant brotherhood. Brown and Appice, who between them represent a huge chunk of rock 'n' roll history, told us they feel energized by Zavon and Bragg - who in turn said that they feel honored to just be in the room with these guys.

The music is intense, epic and an incredible, high-energy hybrid of grungy metal and thrash, with a classic rock underbelly that ensures that these songs will get stuck in your head - and fast.

Kill Devil Hill's self-titled debut album is available now via SPV/Steamhammer.

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