In an era of trans-global marketing facilitated by devices like the Internet, the gates of Hell can open from any corner of the world. Roll over Scandinavia, there's a new wave of black metal pouring like molten lava from the forests, fields and frozen wastelands of the Ukraine, including Drudkh, Blood of Kingu and, perhaps most visibly, Khors -- the latter of which have just released their new album, 'Return to Abandoned.'

In celebration of the band's brand of brooding, majestic black metal, Noisecreep is proud to premiere the song 'Sacrament of Buyan.' A mysterious island in Slavic mythology, Buyan appears and vanishes according to the whims of its inhabitants, the Northern, Western and Eastern winds. And it's the only place where you'll find Koschei the Deathless' soul buried inside a needle inserted into an egg that lurks in a magical oak tree.

Listen to 'Sacrament of Buyan'

'Return To Abandoned,' Khors' fourth full-length album, combines the raw ferocity of their early material with the more textural qualities of 2008's 'Mysticism.' The group was formed in 2004 by ex-Astrofaes bassist, Khorus. The current lineup includes guitarist/vocalist Helg (Runes Of Dianceht), drummer Khaoth (Tessaract, ex-Astrofaes, ex-Hate Forest) and guitarist Warth. According to the band's label, Khors are "not affiliated with any politically motivated groups or extremists."