Earlier this week, nu-metal band Islander were kicked off the Vans Warped Tour due to an on-stage incident of their vocalist damaging back-lined instruments. There was a discussion among fans and industry figures about whether or not they deserved to be removed from the tour. Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch spoke out of the situation and called the traveling festival "lame" for the move.

The tour's founder, Kevin Lyman, has responded to Welch's comment with a question of his own: "I would ask Brian 'Head' Welch, if an opening act trashed Korn's gear on stage, how long they would be kept on the tour? Just wondering." Welch has yet to offer a reply.

Welch has been associated with Islander in the past with, Korn having taken them out on tour. Additionally, his other band Love and Death contains former Islander guitarist J.R. Bareis.

Islander released a second statement on the incident in which they claimed they offered to pay for the damaged equipment in an attempt to stay on the tour. They added, however, that there are no bad feelings between them and Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman. Do you think they should have been kicked off the tour? Leave us a comment and be sure to share with your friends!

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