Kelly Osbourne is asking fans to stay at home for the sake of her father and the at-risk members of his generation. With people aged 70+ and the immunocompromised facing high morality rates from coronavirus, the image of Ozzy Osbourne may convince some to self-quarantine and help prevent the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus infections continue to spread across the world, and more governments have taken aggressive actions to flatten the curve, including nationwide shutdowns and the suspension of non-essential businesses. The purpose of such actions is, primarily, to protect older folks. As of this posting, the coronavirus mortality rate for individuals 70 and older is roughly 8 percent, and that number spikes to nearly 15 percent for those aged 80 and above.

Taking to her Instagram, Kelly Osbourne shared a photo of herself with the hashtag #StayHomeForOzzy along with this message:

I wish there was something I could say to comfort you all. Some wisdom I could drop on you to relive you from the fear that surrounds us all right now. The truth is I am scared too. Both of my parents are high risk especially my dad. If I would have known 3 weeks ago when I sent them off to panama that that was gonna be the last time I got to hug and kiss them for a while… I would have held on a little longer. However these are the sacrifices we must make. I stay home for my mum and dad. If you don't have anyone to stay home for I beg you #StayHomeForOzzy help put a smile on my dads face while he is in quarantine by posting a pic of your best Ozzy impersonation and #StayHomeForOzzy I love you all

Please stay inside whenever possible and if you must venture outdoors, remember to maintain a distance of six feet away from others. Social distancing will help flatten the curve and lighten the burden on our health care system, allowing medical access to everyone who needs it.

Visit the World Health Organization's website for a list of best practices to protect yourself and others against the coronavirus.

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