Earlier this year marked the end of Every Time I Die when they announced their breakup through various statements. Keith Buckley, however, has now shared a new message confirming that he has started a new band.

Last December, the vocalist announced he was taking a hiatus from the band in order to prioritize his mental health. After detailing a strain between himself and the other band members, he returned for their annual 'TID the Season shows a few weeks later, and then the following month, ETID announced that it was the end of the group.

However, Buckley has apparently been busy creating newer and heavier music with a new set of musicians, according to a tweet he posted earlier today (Dec. 2).

"It’s heartbreaking not having TIDmas to look forward to, but looking beyond the holidays I can promise you’ll see me again in 2023," Buckley wrote. "I’ve been recording songs with a new band since September and the new music has never been heavier. See you in the pit."

The other former members of ETID, on the other hand, have apparently still been working together, and were in the studio just last month. Guitarist Jordan Buckley shared a video from a studio, which featured drummer Clayton "Goose" Holyoak and bassist Stephen Micciche. It's unknown whether Andy Williams was involved or not.

"We fucked around and found out. We even found out and THEN fucked around. This was the day I had to visualize in order to get myself out of bed during all the months that depression was both big and little spoon," Jordan Buckley wrote in the caption of the video. "I am so very grateful and thankful to have another opportunity to make music with and for people I love. My shoulder strap now has a chip on it, and since I haven’t been able get it off yet I might as well use it for motivation."

Stay tuned for further announcements from both parties.

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