Swedish death metallers turned dark rockers Katatonia have released eight albums and seven EPs. It should be no surprise to the band that after almost 20 years their following has grown so immensely. Yet, the band gets shocked every once and again.

"This isn't what I expected when we started 10, 15 years ago," frontman Jonas Renkse said to the crowd about the sold out New York City show. The Joy Division-influenced band played Gramercy Theater on Sept. 10 with Gwynbleidd, Orphaned Land and Swallow the Sun. The band's North American tour continues through early October.

Justina Villanueva

"This song I think says it all," Renkse said, introducing the 2009 song 'Onward Into Battle.' Song after song, you could find most of the crowd singing along with Renkse. Fans not only know Katatonia lyrics, but they know the vocal arrangement and harmony. Everyone is on the same page with headbanging, singing (not just lip synching) and even moshing -- you know, for those two to three breakdowns in the band's entire catalog.

"I want to thank you all for coming out tonight. It was the most awesome," Renkse said as Katatonia played their encore songs.

Be sure to check out 'The Longest Year' -- which is the band's latest release out on Peaceville Records. It is an EP with remixed versions of 'Night is the New Day' songs and 'Sold Heart,' a previously unreleased song.