And the mud-slinging continues ine the world of Journey guitarist Neal Schon, who was the subject of gossip fodder due to his relationship with White House crasher Michaele Salahi. The AOR legend is suing his ex-mother-in-law Judy Kozan for defamation since he says she is talking trash about him all over the worldwide web and her efforts are damaging his reputation.

Schon divorced his wife (and Judy's daughter) Amber back in 2007, but Kozan is refusing to let it go. The Journey guitarist says she has attacked and harassed him continuously by posting things on the Internet and by making false statements about him to the media. After a half-a-decade of that noise, Schon has had enough and is taking it to the courts.

The lawsuit, obtained by the sleuths at TMZ, says that Kozan published a blog in January, claiming that Schon was a deadbeat who did not pay Amber enough to support herself or their two daughters. She says that Amber was unable to pay for food, gas or clothing.

Schon counters that he has paid Amber around a nice chunk of change - $1.3 million- so Kozan's words are lies that have ruined his reputation, since he's been called a deadbeat in the media due to her claims. He is suing for $75,000.

The blog posting has since been pulled and replaced with something that reads like a retraction. Perhaps she realized the error of her ways once she got served?

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