It's pretty routine for bands to gush about their new music to get everyone excited about it, but how often do musicians admit when they aren't crazy about some of their work?

Korn's upcoming new album The Nothing will be out in just over a month, and while the band is obviously excited - Jonathan Davis "didn't really love" some of the songs on its predecessor, The Serenity of Suffering.

"The last record I was really proud of and we all loved it, but I think there were some songs that [Jonathan] didn't really love," guitarist Brian "Head" Welch told SiriusXM's Trunk Nation. "And we really wanted him to like what we did. And he feels bad over there, 'cause he wants to like it, but he just can't love everything."

According to the guitarist, Davis would tell them to think heavy and use Pantera as inspiration when writing the record.

"I love what we do," Davis chimed in. "And they would send me stuff, and if I'm feeling it and I catch something and I hear a melody right away, then I go for it." He admits he felt bad for not having the same sentiments toward the songs on the album, especially since his bandmates liked them and worked really hard on them.

"I'm not gonna be that guy and say, 'No. I'm not gonna sing on this.' I'm just gonna do whatever I come up with the best I could do. But this one, every song was just amazing."

Listen to the full interview below.

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