Former Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord is seeking treatment for pancreatic cancer in Israel. He is seeing a specialist to deal with his condition, but despite his medical issues, Lord, 70, is hoping to return to work sooner than later. In fact, he hopes to be elbows deep in music again later this year.

Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice spoke to Canadian radio station CIRK K-97 about Lord's illness, reaffirming the idea that his former bandmate will return to music by late spring. In fact, the diagnosis isn't as grim as it might seem, judging from what Paice said about Lord's prognosis and progress.

Paice revealed that Lord "was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but really early, early stages. And we know it's not a good one - whether there is a good one - but so far all the news from Jon is great." Pancreatic cancer is normally a swiftly developing and deadly form of cancer, but the fact that the disease was caught early certainly bodes well for Lord.

Lord played in Deep Purple from 1968-1976 and then another stint 1984-2002. He's also spent time as a member of Whitesnake, Paice, Ashton & Lord, The Artwoods and Flower Pot Men.

Paice continued, sharing further details, saying, "There are no more cancer cells being produced, and those that are lying dormant are being, hopefully, wiped out as we speak by a brand new treatment which he is over in Israel having right now. So we're already thinking that he may be back working in April or May."

Noisecreep sends best wishes out to Jon Lord.

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