Featuring members of Sevendust, Creed and Alter Bridge, one would expect a lot of from Projected. As it turns out, the band delivers the goods... and then some. Projected's (Sevendust guitarist John Connolly and bassist Vince Hornsby, Alter Bridge/Creed drummer Scott Phillips, and Tremonti/Creed guitarist Eric Friedman) upcoming debut album, Human, features an army of gigantic choruses and kickass guitar riffs.

With Human hitting stores next month, Noisecreep asked Connolly to take part in our ongoing 'Five Albums That Changed My Life' series. It's tough to argue with the dude's picks.

Master of Puppets, Metallica (1986)


"This record completely changed my life. I had never heard anything like it and in a certain way it scared me, because I had never heard music like that. I was totally into this record and wouldn't be the musician I am today without it. Hetfield was so far ahead of everyone else. "Battery," itself, completely redefined metal."

Vulgar Display of Power, Pantera (1992)


"They basically took what Metallica had started and ran with it. They were another game changer and Dime was by far one of the best guitarists I've ever heard. They were just better than everyone else and really raised the bar for music and metal music in general. They became Metallica on steroids...they became the tightest, fastest, most powerful metal band around."

Alive II, KISS (1977)


"This record had a huge impact on me as a kid. The fire, the blood the smoke, the costumes. They had the best show going when I was younger and I was hooked. I had every record and poster, autographed, limited edition, etc. I even went to a KISS convention last week."

Rocks, Aerosmith (1976)


"Because it Rocks! Period. It was such a great record back then and really showed the bands musicianship had grown by leaps and bounds. "Sick As A Dog" is still one of my favorite songs, ever."

Moving Pictures, Rush (1981)


"This the Rush album that made the band everyone loved to hate everyone's band. "Tom Sawyer" redefined rock radio when it hit. Always one of my favorite bands, especially being a drummer, but the songwriting had simplified and grown so far from where 2112 and Caress of Steel were. They embraced radio and in return. Moving Pictures became radio for a period of time. They were on their game."

Watch Projected's 'Watch It Burn' Lyric Video

Projected's debut album, Human, will hit stores on Sept. 18 via Yaya Papu LLC.