Joey Jordison may no longer be in Slipknot, but there's little doubt about how much he loves the music he created with the band. During a recent stop in Argentina, the drummer gave some Slipknot fans who had gathered a chance to revisit some of his work with the band, doing an impromptu street performance of "(sic)."

The clip is pretty awesome, as we know South American fans can be extremely enthusiastic when it comes to metal. Jordison borrowed a fan's acoustic guitar, then took a seat outside his hotel and played while the crowd provided most of the vocals on the performance. It's particularly fun watching as this acoustic jam leads to some headbanging amongst those who've surrounded the musician. Jordison posted this special moment for all to share in via his Instagram account.

"Impromptu jam session w/ a fan’s guitar outside my hotel w/ some of the greatest fans in the world!!! #respect #ilovemyfans," Jordison captioned the post, which can be seen below.

These days, Jordison has focused his attention on VIMIC. The group were in Argentina over the weekend to perform at the Monsters of Rock Festival. Look for VIMIC to be more active leading into 2018 as their new album Open Your Omen is expected early next year. The band just released the new song "Fail Me (My Temple)," which features a guest turn by Megadeth's Dave Mustaine. Before the year wraps, VIMIC will play a handful of shows in Europe. See those November dates here.

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