Joey Belladonna has been back in Anthrax for several years now, and the band has been riding a renewed wave of success. In a recent episode of the Somewhat Legendary podcast that you can listen to above, Belladonna talked about his 13-year ouster from the band.

Belladonna describes his singing style, saying he likes a clear vocal delivery: "Sometimes maybe I was a little too clean for everybody. I mean, look at the times where Anthrax didn't feel I was right for their band, which was shocking to me, 'cause I thought we had a cool thing. And obviously, you can see we're carrying on now, and it's like nothing… So you get confused, what I used to do and how it wasn't right, at one time, for them."

He went on to say, "I just think we had a cool style together. I mean, there was something that was very natural about it... It's a natural thing. It kind of flows with the system. You can't really write it that way. I don't go in there with anything else but just a feel and go do my thing. Unfortunately, it sucks that we had to spend 13 years without ever even having a chance to really take that on. It was a long time."

Belladonna addresses his firing from the band in 1992 when John Bush took over as follows: "They wanted something different, that's all I can tell you. They wanted something with a little bit more of a growl, a grunt, or whatever you may wanna call it; the '90s thing. And they just pushed aside whatever clean and tenor I had. It just didn't fit. Which, to me… Whatever… What are you gonna do?"

When asked to rate his top three favorite records of his era with the band, Belladonna says, "Spreading the Disease was my first record. That was a cool thing. Among the Living and Worship Music, those three."

Anthrax continue to work on a new album, and have some festival dates coming up in August and September before embarking on a European tour in October. For their complete concert schedule, go here.

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