Jinjer teased fans earlier this year with reports from the studio and now the wait for new music is over with a video for "Vortex," which is the first single off the Ukranian prog metal group's fourth album, Wallflowers, due this summer.

"Vortex" comes third in the track-listing on the 11-song record and the band really showcases their multi-faceted progressive leanings, opening with an airy, delicate passage where vocalist Tatiana Shmayluk utilizes her clean singing across a contorted delivery.

Fear not, there's still plenty of bone-crunching heaviness here threaded with atonality that eventually gives way to a rattling breakdown at the end of the song after skillfully layering the tension.

"'Vortex' is the first — the first song we recorded and the first single we played live (at Hellfest From Home 2021)," began Jinjer in a statement. "This is a perfectly balanced song in our opinion. A story told through the music and it deserved a video to perfectly match it... The video is a journey, giving the single another layer, another message, as Tatiana sings about the burden of heavy thoughts and how devastating it can be, the video mirrors what the world has sadly become for many of us..."

Watch the video for "Vortex" at the bottom of the page where the Wallflowers artwork and track listing can also be seen, as well as the single's lyrics.

"Growing creatively has always been a major goal for us. The day Jinjer stops reaching for new musical horizons- will be our last day as a band," added bassist Eugene Abdukhanov when speaking about the record on the whole.

"We could have churned out what our peers expected us to do or produce 'Pisces' clones without end but we’ve never done that and we never will," he continued, "Instead, we wrote an album whose level of emotions range from the fiercest aggression we’ve ever had, to the most intricate melodies and melancholic vibes you could ever get from our music. We decided to rip apart all possible stylistic boundaries without regard to financial success or competing with our previous albums. Wallflowers is a different kind of album musically and visually. It’s about our identity as a band, as individuals and a clear statement that we are different from most artists … and that it is okay to do your own thing."

Wallflowers will be out Aug. 27 on Napalm Records and pre-orders can be placed here. Catch Jinjer on the road this fall with Suicide Silence and All Hail The Yeti and these stops.

Jinjer, "Vortex" Lyrics

Like A Lunatic, Frantic
The Man In The Room Looks So Dramatic
With A Left Shoe On His Right Foot
This Spiral Traffic Feels Too Traumatic, Too Traumatic

The Man Is Wandering Around
Where's The Way Out He Never Found?
And Inside
There's A Ball Made Of Lead
It’s Rolling And Rumbling On Parquet

Oh How Heavy Is The Ball!
It Bends His Spine To The Very Ground
Neither His Nor Another
Enormous, Ludicrous

Oh How Heavy Is His Thought!
In A Half An Hour Or So
It Crushed The Floor
And Smashed The Man's Toes

Oh How Heavy Is His Thought!
In A Half An Hour Or So
It Crushed The Floor
And Smashed The Man's Soul

(Whirl) Through The Black Hole In The Floor
(Spin) I Begin My Whirl
(Swirl) I'm A Driftwood With No Strength
(Spin) Without Soul, With No Will

Like A Feather I Travel Down (A Spiral Staircase)
One More Loop Through Abyss (Where Stairs Are Erased)
Like A Feather I Travel Down (A Spiral Staircase)
Falling Deeper Than It Is (All Stairs Are Erased)

Through Rapids And Stones
I Came Like Water And Like Wind I Go
Through Rapids And Stones
I Came Like Water And Like Wind I Go

Spin! Swirl!
Whirl! Spin! Swirl!
Whirl! Spin! Swirl!

Jinjer, "Vortex" Music Video

Jinjer, Wallflowers Album Art + Track Listing

Jinjer, 'Wallflowers'
Napalm Records

01. "Call Me a Symbol"
02. "Colossus"
03. "Vortex"
04. "Disclosure!"
05. "Copycat"
06. "Pearls and Swine"
07. "Sleep of the Righteous"
08. "Wallflower"
09. "Dead Hands Feel No Pain"
10. "As I Boil Ice"
11. "Mediator"

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