"Man that guy is unbelievable. He's a force of nature," Clutch drummer Jean-Paul "JP" Gaster said of Scott "Wino" Weinrich to Noisecreep. Wino has always been a sort of grandfather of the fuzzed out stoner rock sound and doom metal having helped form The Obsessed and being the voice behind the very much worshiped Saint Vitus. Last year Wino released his first ever solo record, 'Punctuated Equilibrium', and the record has received acclaim and gained fans behind it. JP actually played drums on the recording of 'Punctuated Equilibrium' and is a part of Wino's live solo band, which was supposed to be part of the support for the Clutch along with Maylene and the Sons of Disaster on a fifteen date tour. But the death of a friend changed all this.

The news came down, just a few days before tour that the bassist of Wino's solo band, and of Rezin, Jon Blank was dead, from a still unconfirmed cause. With sadness over everyone the question of whether Wino would tour came up. "The idea of finding someone and teaching them songs in three days was not really an option. He (Wino) was going to bow out of the tour all together," JP says, "we talked and decided it's stupid to let this momentum that's going on here go by the wayside." So Wino agreed to do the tour, but just by himself playing acoustic.

Wino has always been associated with the loud, the roars of amps, and his thick voice battling distortion like a wizard vs. a dragon; playing acoustic is new for Wino. "There was a little trepidation on his part but I just told him, 'you just gotta get out there and do this. That's what you're here to do'," JP reflected. And on the question of how the songs of Wino are being reinterpreted acoustic JP says, "Wino is gonna sound like Wino whether he's playing his Guild acoustic or his Les Paul custom. There is so much power and tone in what he does its undeniable," and with pride and honor JP exclaimed, "It's a real testament to his abilities. I'm really proud of him and glad to call him my friend."

Wino's tour with Clutch just finished. Whatever is next for the constantly moving and creating Wino only he knows.