Jasmin St. Claire is a metalheads's wet dream, and we're not speaking quite so literally, given her former profession. The voluptuous brunette has been a porn star, a wrestling manager, a wrestler and is a lifelong metalhead -- which above all, is her first and truest love!

"I have always loved metal, and I think I may have been breastfed on metal," St. Claire, who also writes for Brazilian music magazines, tells Noisecreep. "I enjoyed the fact that, at the time, metal was underground and I was definitely not a fan of boring music that everyone else liked; or the boring, preppy, trendy type of people that listened to the crap on the radio.

"I enjoyed hanging out with older people who blasted the likes of Iron Maiden, Carcass and King Diamond from their boom boxes. I was always attracted to the darker side of things, maybe because I am from a conservative and religious family."

Despite her not-so-liberal family, St. Claire's first show was Black Sabbath on the 'Mob Rules' tour, which she attended with her babysitter. She was subsequently hooked. "Metalheads were always a lot more down to earth and nicer to hang out with than the boring, arrogant prep school types I went to school with," she recalls.

Without further adieu, St. Claire reveals her favorite metal bands right now.

3 Inches of Blood: "They have a great energy live and the vocals remind me of a cross between King Diamond and Rob Halford. I love their music very much. I wish them the best always!"

Amon Amarth: "It is no secret that I love Vikings, and I love the lyrics. Johan's stage presence is larger than life, and I enjoy the arrangements they use."

Arch Enemy: "Pure aggression, and I love the guitar work of the Amott brothers. Angela's voice rocks."

Lamb of God: "Just flat out in your face and is what true American death metal should sound like. Randy is one of the best frontmen ever."

Cavalera Conspiracy: "I'm a Brazilian ... enough said. I don't need a reason! OK, they remind me of old school Sepultura, but with more passion."

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