The drama and dispute between Metallica singer/guitarist James Hetfield and the authorities in California is over and has a happy ending for locals. Hetfield had erected a metal fence on his property in Marin County, Calif., in what was a protective measure to keep his land safe from vandals. However, locals were pissed, as they used the path near the Hetfield property for leisurely activities. The fence significantly hampered their ability to enjoy the space and even though Hetfield purchased the land in 1999, he had yet to build anything on it.

However, while Hetfield and the authorities were involved in negotiations over the fence for three years, they have come up with solution that satisfies and benefits all parties. A new trail will be established around Hetfield's land and the musician has agreed to let construction workers access the site via his property. Even better, Hetfield is assuming some of the costs and helping to pay for improvements to roads, as well. The project will cost around $650,000 and should be completed by September.

Chris Bramham, superintendent of capital projects for the Marin Open Space District, gushed about Hetfield to the Marin Independent Journal, saying, "The access makes it easier for us to build the trail. And he paid for the road improvements, too. We have no complaints with him... When it's done it will be beautiful."

Nice work, James. You're a stand up dude and we'd love to be your neighbor. And no, we wouldn't bother you to sign an autograph or engage in impromptu versions of 'Battery' or 'Welcome Home(Sanitarium)' if we happened upon you at the supermarket.

Watch 'Hero of the Day' from Metallica

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