Listenable though they may be, Jack Black says, the recent offerings from Jack White, Tom Waits, the Foo Fighters and Gotye all share one thing in common: They're not as good as the new Tenacious D album, Rize of the Fenix.

"I do love [Jack White's] "Blunderbuss," I love the Foo, I love Tom Waits, his new record is incredible ... and Goyte ... but our album is better than all of those, and because we're clowns, we don't get that kind of love," Black said in an interview with Reuters, talking up his comedy-rock duo's third full-length.

"In a hundred years' time, no one will remember Gotye or the rest, but the shining beacon of The D -- they're going to start religions after us," he added.

Rize of the Fenix arrives six years after the D's sophomore effort, The Pick of Destiny, and while Black has had plenty of success as a comedic actor, he says his heart lies with the group he and fellow strummer Kyle Gass founded in Los Angeles in 1994.

"I go and do some other stuff, but I always come back to the D, because it's the best stuff, it's the stuff I get the most satisfaction for," Black said. "On Tenacious D island, all things are equal, me and Kyle are on level-playing fields."

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