Noisecreep will be the first to admit that the last week has been nuts in the world of Guns N' Roses.

On Wednesday (April 11), Axl Rose posted a statement basically saying he would not be attending the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony this coming Saturday (April 13), and in fact, would be declining the honor anyway. It's too bad, since the other original members of the band seemed game for a reunion performance at the induction.

Today, former Guns N' Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin released his own statement about the Hall of Fame nomination. The 50-year-old musician co-founded the band back in 1985 and played on their seminal Appetite for Destruction debut album (1987), but after an EP (1988's Lies) and the Use Your Illusion albums (1991), he quit the group. He's released several albums throughout the years as a solo artist and with a band called the Ju Ju Hounds.

From Izzy Stradlin:

"I have waited up to this point to see what would become of the GN'R induction into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. I would like to say THANK YOU and GRACIAS to Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for the acknowledgement of our works over the years as a band. BIG THANKS to all my bandmates who helped get us to where we are today. And, of course, THANK YOU to all of the people on this planet (including, but not limited to, the entire universe and beyond, etc., etc., etc.) who have supported GUNS N' ROSES from day one. Adios, Amigos!"

After Rose's statement was released, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame removed Guns N' Roses from the April 14 ceremony's itinerary, including their induction by Green Day. Despite their removal, a Rock Hall spokesman told E! news "We are sorry Axl will not be able to accept his induction in person. We are looking forward to still inducting Guns N' Roses this weekend and will proceed forward with our original plan whether Axl is present or not."