On the heels of wrapping up the busiest year of Mammoth WVH's career — a year that included the release of one of Loudwire's favorite albums, Mammoth IIWolfgang Van Halen took some time to reflect with the Loudwire Nights audience.

"I think I'm just my own toughest critic," Van Halen told host Chuck Armstrong on Tuesday night's show (Jan. 2). "I don't have time to sit there and really analyze it until it's over. And I'm like, 'Wow, we're doing this.' That's a phrase said by a lot of us in the Mammoth family. 'We're doing this right now.' We're really doing it."

Not only did Mammoth WVH release the highly-acclaimed Mammoth II in 2023, but they also hit the road supporting several bands ranging from Alter Bridge and Sevendust to Metallica. On top of that, they also celebrated their first-ever headlining tour.

And as busy as 2023 was, it sounds like 2024 will be even busier.

"We're playing [Welcome to] Rockville again, which is going to be really fun. It's on the same day with Foo Fighters and Primus, which is going to be crazy ... We've got another whole year with Metallica and the Foos are having us on for a couple of shows, we're going to Europe with Slash."

As Van Halen rattled all of these things off, it was clear he was still pinching himself over a lot of what he and Mammoth WVH have been able to accomplish.

"I feel very lucky to be as busy as we are. It's crazy ... [This year] is going to be more touring than last year. There's a bunch more in the pipeline that we can't really announce yet."

What It Was Like Reuniting With Michael Anthony

Among all of the accolades of 2023 came some personal milestones in Van Halen's life, too, including marrying Andraia Allsop and reuniting with Michael Anthony for the first time since Van Halen's '04 tour.

"He's family," Van Halen said.

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"It was long overdue. I think we had planned that at least since I've been touring and it just worked out and it was very wonderful to see him – love that my Mom [was] there [and] my uncle Patrick who is also part of the Mammoth team, he goes way back with them. It's really nice to have that little reunion."

What Else Did Wolfgang Van Halen Discuss on Loudwire Nights?

  • What it's like touring with a guitar shredder like Nita Strauss
  • Why he remains committed to creating Mammoth WVH albums by himself in the studio: "Mammoth has been my sort of creative thing from its inception. I don't really have any idea on when I would plan on changing that. I'm sure down the line, ask me in a couple of years if I'm bored of doing the drums or something...but right now I just have so much fun doing it."
  • How he's already messing around with new music: "I'm just kind of getting in the studio and being like, 'Let's stretch out and see — work toward Mammoth III super, super early. I wouldn't expect Mammoth III until halfway through '25, but it's fun to just kind of mess around."

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