What pisses Kerry King off the most? The guitarist has long shared his rage on record and during a recent interview with Heavy Consequence, King rattled off some of the things that still annoy him to this day.

Kerry King's Current "Rage"

Bringing up King's solo song "Rage," Heavy Consequence asked where his rage still comes from. The musician stated that everyday life serves as his biggest muse, and he pointed out one human trait that is severely lacking these days.

"People are an idiotic species and I’m sure the Earth can’t wait to get rid of us, but it’s anything just from the simplest thing like being polite," says King. It’s not hard to be polite. If I can be polite, you can fuckin’ be polite, and so many people just aren’t. There’s rage number one. That’s the beginning of whatever song it may be, and it just goes on exponentially from there."

Kerry King's Longtime "Rage"

Those who've followed Slayer's career know that King has not been shy about criticizing organized religion. Reflecting on where that all started for him, he recalled his parents asking if he wanted to go to Sunday School as a kid.

"I went to Sunday school, like a week into it, I went to my parents. I’m like, 'I don’t think I want to go to this anymore.' Even that little kid knew it was a bunch of dog shit," says King.

He then liked organized religion and its overlooked issues to that of former President Donald Trump and how his infractions are often viewed.

"It’s like politics these days. What’s said in the press is gone within 48 hours. All the things Donald Trump did as president, I remember seeing on the news how many lies he’d made in four years, and like 36 hours later, it’s like it never happened. That’s basically how religion is," says King. "You hear about all these priests around the world getting convicted for sexual assault or inappropriate conduct with minors, and a day later it’s gone."

"But I remember that shit, and it’s been fueling my lyrics for the last probably 40 years. So, thank you religion for keeping me occupied," says King.

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Kerry King Rages On in 2024

After Slayer's retirement, Kerry King issued his first solo album earlier this year. The From Hell I Rise album is available now and King is currently in the midst of promoting it. King and his all-star solo band are currently making the rounds in Europe and will kick off dates in North America starting July 19 in Grand Prairie, Texas. You can check his website for all dates and ticketing info.

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