Summer Slaughter Tour founder Ash Avildsen (of Sumerian Records) has addressed the 2024 lineup backlash in a new interview, even revealing the triple co-headliners that were originally targeted for the comeback run.

Earlier this year, Summer Slaughter teased their comeback after a five-year break. After much anticipation, they revealed the lineup, which features Veil of Maya and Brand of Sacrifice as co-headliners.

The fan reaction to the lineup was mostly negative, with many criticizing the tour over its lack of death metal groups. The title of the MetalSucks article, in particular, read "First Batch of Summer Slaughter Tour Bands Announced Don’t Hold a Candle to Years Past."

Thus, Summer Slaughter left some angry comments on MetalSucks' Instagram page.

Avildsen, who's also the founder of Sumerian Records, discussed the backlash during a new interview with Finn Mckenty on YouTube.

"I think a lot of fans assumed because we were returning and everything’s gotta be bigger and better post-COVID... I think kinda everyone had it in their minds there was gonna be some kind of massive lineup with all these big legacy bands. And it’s just not realistic to do tours like that in clubs anymore, unfortunately, because of how expensive it is to tour," Avildsen said.

"And I think I underestimated what the perception of the brand actually meant to people. Because to me, starting the tour was always about, ya know, still having older acts on it. But it was all about elevating the future and helping current younger bands get bigger.”

Avildsen revealed that he initially wanted Suicidal Tendencies, Dying Fetus and Biohazard to be triple co-headliners on the 2024 installment of the tour, but it didn't work out because of their schedules and other logistical reasons.

"I just kinda had a heart to heart with everyone involved in the tour. And we’re like ‘Dude, we created this tour to help move forward a new era of bands,’" he continued.

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"Even if we still had Cannibal Corpse and certain older acts headline the tour. I was like, let’s focus on something that is going to do that, and bands that we think have earned the right to be on the top of it.”

The founder implored fans to give the bands on this year's Summer Slaughter Tour lineup a chance, noting that they earned the right to headline the event. In fact — he said that if people are really unhappy with their performances, he'll refund them the cost of their tickets.

Watch the full discussion below.

Summer Slaughter Tour Founder Ash Avildsen Addresses Lineup Backlash in New Interview

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