Have you ever stopped to consider how the heaviness of your music impacts your shopping habits? With the holiday shopping season now upon us, the team at Coupon Follow have done a deep dive into shopping habits of customers when it comes to the music that is played, and there's a surprising divide in how alt-rock, rock and metal are considered by the sampled audience.

First off, it should be noted that 1,005 Americans were surveyed to explore their retail shopping behaviors while categorizing their responses based on their favorite music genres. The pool of those surveyed include 11 percent baby boomers, 32 percent Gen X, 48 percent millennials and 10 percent Gen Z.

When the topic of how the music played in stores impacts their shopping behavior, stores that played rock, alternative and indie rock music all ranked pretty favorably, while metal and punk were non-favorable music options. When asked what music would make you enter or stay in a store, pop received the highest response with 43 percent responding favorably, with rock and alternative close behind at 37 and 26 percent. Indie rock received a 17 percent favorability score.

As for music that made shoppers want to leave or cut short their shopping experience, metal topped all with a 40 percent response, while punk also got a bad rap with 23 percent (only gospel, hip-hop/rap and country stood between metal and punk). So take note, retail owners, some Paramore or Foo Fighters might be more likely to keep people shopping longer than Slipknot or the Sex Pistols.

This time of year also brings about a lot of Christmas music on retail store playlists. But not everyone is a fan. In the survey, 19 percent said they would either avoid entering or leave the store if holiday music was playing, while 30 percent said it made them want to stay longer. Of those considering leaving or balking at entering a store over holiday music, 33 percent of them were alt-rock fans while 32 percent were metal fans.

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What About Holiday Buying?

While music definitely does play into your shopping experience, it can also be one of the more coveted items when it comes to shopping as well. Per the Coupon Follow study, one in six Americans want concert tickets as a gift this holiday season. Punk music fans are the most likely among all genres to want the concert tickets, with 41 percent asking for them on Santa's shopping list.

Band T-shirts are also a popular item. One in eight of those surveyed showed an interest, while metal fans were the most likely to ask for one with 42 percent say yes to the T.

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There's also a one in eight ratio for those seeking other music merch related items, with punk (35 percent) and metal (33 percent) leading the way.

The study, which can be seen in full here, also delves into how music plays into buyer's remorse, and they also reveal the Top Holiday Songs and Artists.

So what's on your holiday wish list for music? Drop us some of your favorites in the comments.

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