Steel Panther have done a great job of capturing the look of 1987, but what would you look like as a member of Steel Panther? Well, the band has a new AI-assisted facial generator that you can try out.

How Does It Work?

"All you have to is visit the link and upload your photo to unleash the most bitchin' version of you that you've ever seen," notes the band in introducing their new facial generator.

The link itself exists through the Steel Panther website and encourages the user to "1987 me."

Simply choose a photo that you wish to use for this facial experiment, but make sure that it provides a clear view of your face, is not obstructed by glasses and does not include multiple people. You have the choice of making it a male or female generated reconstruction of your image.

Then you get to watch Michael Starr playing to the camera as the AI bots go to work on creating your new look. it may take up to 60 seconds to load.

How It Turns Out?

After the photo is uploaded and the AI bots have done their thing, three photos utilizing your initial image will place you within Steel Panther-esque 1987 looks. You can truly see what the '80s metalhead side of you would actually look like. Two of this author's own photos can be seen below and man what I wouldn't give to have that lustrous mane!

The site and facial generator also allows you to post your images to social media, download them for your personal use or even put them on a shirt. And there's nothing more '80s than rocking a photo of yourself on your shirt!

chad childers face using steel panther's 1987 me generator
loudwire writer chad childers using steel panther's 1987 me facial generator

What Are Steel Panther Up To in 2024?

Given that title of their facial generator allows you to "1987 Me," it should be noted that "1987" is also a song on their most recent album, On the Prowl, which is available now.

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The group is also touring, with dates starting up again on April 18 in Omaha, Neb. The current leg runs through May 18 in San Antonio, Texas. The months of June and July will bring the band to Europe for touring as well. Tickets for all Steel Panther shows are currently on sale.

Steel Panther, "1987"

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