Here are 10 times big rock and metal bands broke up without doing a farewell tour! ...And not because of the death of a member.

It’s always sad when a great band decides to call it quits, but most of the time, fans can at least find solace in knowing that they’ll be able to honor the group one last time via their farewell tour.

This year (2024) alone has already seen – or will see – major acts such as The Eagles, Aerosmith, Sepultura, Foreigner, Mr. Big and Candlebox bringing career-spanning final concerts to stages across the U.S., if not the world. Even if some of them are merely retiring from the road (rather than totally throwing in the towel), they’re still giving their followers the chance to gather in collective joy and sorrow beforehand.

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Sadly, the 10 artists featured below didn’t. Instead, they just revealed their split(s) and that was that.

Granted, they may not have been playing live anymore anyway or had other good reasons for pulling the plug without overtly offering a closing string of shows. In some cases, they even reunited after announcing an “indefinite hiatus” (or two or three).

In any case, it’s undeniably a shame that the bands on this list never did proper farewell tours. One can only imagine the possibilities if they had, right?

10 Big Rock + Metal Bands Who Broke Up Without Doing a Farewell Tour

For better or worse, these groups called it quits without ever embarking on a goodbye tour.

Note: Bands who broke up because of the death of a member are not included.

Gallery Credit: Jordan Blum

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