UPDATE: The family of Riley Gale have issued a new statement clarifying their comments from their previous statement about the members of Power Trip's surprise reunion onstage last week. In it, Riley's father Brandon Gale says, "We were saddened to hear that many fans interpreted our original message as some attempt to grab money, which is absolutely not the case. The wishes communicated were simply the ones Riley had shared with his friends and family given the state of the world in 2020, prior to his death. They were never demands. Please take a moment and allow us to correct any confusion we created."

Offering a bullet-point rundown of what they wanted to clarify, Brandon shed some light on The Riley Gale Foundation's workings. He also then added, "We also would like to specifically appreciate and thank Seth Gilmore. He really put his all into that performance."

He concluded, "As Riley's dad and the person who wrote the original message, it broke my heart to hear that I got it wrong. I humbly request that you understand the raw emotions we face and how they impact us every day thinking about what the world lost when Riley died." The full message can be viewed below:

The living members of Power Trip reunited onstage over the weekend for a surprise performance that took place at the Mohawk in Austin, Texas. But apparently the reunion was not something that was discussed with late vocalist Riley Gale's family, as a public statement was issued following the show.

Gale died in August 2020 at the age of 34 from a pulmonary edema after an accidental overdose  The band had not reformed in full since his death, though three of the band members - Blake Ibanez, Nick Stewart and Chris Whetzel - had joined Obituary's Jon and Don Tardy on their 2021 livestream performance to play "Executioner's Tax."

Per the statement about the reunion show, the Gale family revealed that they had not been contacted about the performance, and would have liked to have had some input as the late vocalist had "laid out very specific requests" on how he would like to see any reunion after his death take place. Their full statement on the matter can be read below:

The Riley Gale Memorial Foundation & Gale family are aware of the event that took place at Mohawk in Austin, TX on December 1st, 2023. It caught us entirely by surprise.

At no point in the planning or lead up to that moment was anyone in the Gale family consulted, or even invited. We were not asked our thoughts or feelings about it taking place. If we were, we would have liked to discuss who would fill in on vocals, since Riley had laid out very specific requests for this exact scenario.

We would have requested it take place in Dallas, where Riley and POWER TRIP were born, and where Riley was instrumental in building up the Dallas hardcore and metal community before even setting foot on stage as a performer. We would have liked it to be a surprise and wonderful addition to the Riley Gale & Friends Day concert, the main fundraising event for the Riley Gale Memorial Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that supports the causes Riley cared about as well as aiding up-and-coming bands through the Riley Gale Band Touring Grant.

Riley's family would have liked the opportunity to show our appreciation to you, Riley's fans who continue to support him by listening and buying albums because we know how much his lyrics and music meant to his fans.

As Blake said on stage at Mohawk, they owe a lot to Riley, and the Gale family agrees wholeheartedly.

Riley's family was not included, and that's unfortunate, but for those among you who love Riley and what he stood for, you can show your love by buying albums directly from Southern Lord Records and becoming a part of the Riley Gale Memorial Foundation at the link below.

Keep an eye out for our announcement of Riley And Friends Vol. 3 early next year — it will feature bands that Riley knew and loved along with hundreds (hopefully thousands) of Riley's fans and family.

'Birth. Life. Death. Repeat. The goal is to manifest higher than before.'

REST IN POWER. www.rileygale.org.

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Power Trip Members Reunite Onstage

After the death of Riley Gale in 2020, the members of Power Trip had been relatively quiet. But recently, Power Trip's guitarist Blake Ibanez had been performing with Skourge's Seth Gilmore in the band Fugitive.

The flyer for their Friday night (Dec. 1) show teased a special guest for the show, and then at one point in the night, Ibanez and Gilmore were joined onstage by the guitarist's Power Trip bandmates Nick Stewart, Chris Whetzel and Chris Ulsh, marking the first time all the living members of the band had taken the concert stage since Gale's death.

With Gilmore handling the vocals, the group then performed such Power Trip favorites as “Soul Sacrifice,” “Executioner’s Tax,” “Hornet’s Nest” and “Manifest Decimation.”

Performance footage captured by fans can be seen below.

Power Trip Members Reunite Onstage at Austin's Mohawk (Dec. 1)

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