In a genre as wild as nu-metal, it's no surprise that its biggest bands frequently engage in feuds.

As nu-metal gained momentum in the mid-90s, it quickly became the prevailing force in heavy metal. Bands started blending heavy metal with the attitude and sound of hip-hop, spawning a new generation of superstars who managed to bridge multiple worlds of popularity.

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By adopting the confrontational attitude of hip-hop, nu-metal inadvertently embraced the genre's spirit of calling out one another, whether it be fellow artists in their own lane or corporate entities trying to exploit them. In keeping with this spirit, we've decided to look back at the most outrageous of these feuds, from masked bands clashing to artists being accused of "narking."

Here are the 10 most insane nu-metal feuds ever.

The Top 10 Most Insane Nu-Metal Feuds

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