Here is every album by the "Big 4" bands of nu-metal, ranked from worst to best. Nu-metal's big four are Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and System of a Down, of course.

Altogether, there are 32 albums by the nu-metal "Big 4" (so far) to pit against each other. (If you're wondering where Slipknot are, they're part of the new wave of American heavy metal, per our guide to the "Big 4" of every rock and metal subgenre — a nod to thrash metal's "Big 4.")

Keep reading for the nu-metal ranking.

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Ranking the 'Big 4' Nu-Metal Albums

Get ready to rumble! As you read this ranking, however, please remember that it's all in good fun — ranking the Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and System of a Down discographies all alongside each other, from worst to best, is easier said than done!

After all, how can you really say that one band's worst album is better than another band's worst album? Well, we do so in this list, because creating the ultimate "Big 4" nu-metal album countdown is the subgenre ranking that all rock listeners need to see and consider.

Maybe you will agree, maybe you will disagree. Or most likely you'll land somewhere in between. Either way, it should get your nu-metal opinions moving and grooving.

NOTE: But first, a special notice for Korn fans before you read the list — don't freak out when you see a bunch of Korn albums in a row. Korn have 14 studio albums compared to Linkin Park's seven, Limp Bizkit's six, and System of a Down's five. Quite literally, Korn have double the amount of albums as any other band here. So naturally, they're just going to pop up in the list that much more often.

Below, see all the "Big 4" nu-metal albums ranked from worst to best.

Every 'Big 4' Nu-Metal Album, Ranked From Worst to Best

Between Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and System of a Down — indeed, the "Big 4" bands of nu-metal — how do all their albums stack up when ranked together? It's no walk in the park pitting these discographies against each other. Read below to see every album by nu-metal's "Big 4," ranked from worst to best.

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