Here are the most and least played song live off each Rage Against the Machine album.

One of the most explosive and revolutionary bands on the 1990s, Rage Against the Machine's three studio albums still loom large and have served as an influence for future generations.

As politically charged as it gets, the band's themes and messages still resonate today as the fight for genuine, meaningful equality remains as challenging as ever.

This has been true of all three eras of Rage Against the Machine, who have now split up for what is apparently a third time. On Jan. 3, 2024, drummer Brad Wilk shared a public statement announcing that the band "will not be touring or playing live again," apologizing to fans who had hopes of seeing the band perform this year.

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With only three studio albums of original material to their name, the Rage catalog is an absolute knockout and one of the strongest in the history of heavy music. The albums have been well represented live, with the biggest hits dominating setlists as expected and, on the other end, some true rarities.

See those most and least played songs from each Rage Against the Machine album below.

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