Metalcore fans online have gathered and named the bands that they love but couldn't get into at first.

You don't always connect with an artist the first time you listen to them, and sometimes it takes a bit of time for you to come to appreciate their art. Someone wrote a post on the Metalcore Reddit page asking, "What are some bands you never gave a chance to and then finally came around on?," and named Bad Omens and Knocked Loose as two examples for them.

The top comment mentioned the Canadian group Counterparts, with a couple of others replying in agreement.

"Erra, never got what the fuss was about… then I did. No idea what changed," the next comment read. Another person noted that the song "Gungrave" from their 2021 eponymous album was the one that made them start loving the group, and someone else described that whole album as "phenomenal."

Erra, "Gungrave"

"The Devil Wears Prada. I always lumped them in with the electronicore bands like Attack Attack! for some reason, probably their name. And I wasn't into that back in the day. Listened to Color Decay and it blew me away. Went through their discography and now they're one of my favorite bands," another comment read.

An Ice Nine Kills fan wrote that they couldn't get into the band for a long time, but said that their 2021 release The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood converted themwith another individual citing 2015's Every Trick in the Book as the album where "they got good."

Ice Nine Kills, The Silver Scream

Artwork for the Ice Nine Kills album 'The Silver Scream.' Hand holding a dagger bursts through the movie theater screen

Some other groups mentioned throughout the discussion include Silent PlanetLandmvrks, Invent Animate, Loathe, Alpha Wolf, Currents, The Browning, Asking Alexandria, Sleep Token, Bullet for My Valentine, Bring Me the Horizon, Motionless in White  and Polaris, among a few others.

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In response to the original poster's comment, someone asked what Bad Omens' best songs are. "Malice," "Hedonist," "Dethrone," "Artificial Suicide," "Blood" and "Glass Houses" were named by a fan, who described them as the group's heaviest songs.

Check out the full discussion on the Metalcore Reddit page here.

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