Here's the least played song live off each of Pantera's studio albums.

And we really mean all nine of their studio albums, including the now all-but-buried first four Pantera LPs (three with early vocalist Terry Glaze) from before the iconic Texas metal band signed to a major label and became the Pantera we know and love today.

So we've included the seldom-heard Metal Magic (1983), Projects in the Jungle (1984), I Am the Night (1985) and Power Metal (1988) — the latter being their first album with current Pantera vocalist Philip Anselmo — right alongside the band's more celebrated later works.

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And whats showstoppers those remaining albums are — Cowboys From Hell (1990), Vulgar Display of Power (1992), Far Beyond Driven (1994), The Great Southern Trendkill (1996) and Reinventing the Steel (2000) are all held dear by many metalheads.

Alas, in including the first four '80s albums — all released on the band's own independent label, Metal Magic Records — we can only glean what songs were played live from the scant setlist information that's available.

And setlist info on those early Pantera years is much more limited than what's readily available from the '90s and beyond.

So keep that in mind about the song totals for those early efforts. Regardless, we've done our best to do it justice! Keep reading to see the most played song live off every Pantera album.

The Least Played Song Live Off Each Pantera Album

This is the least played song live from all nine of Pantera's studio albums.

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