In a new interview, guitarist Jim Root explained why Slipknot hired drummer Eloy Casagrande, who'd played with Sepultura since 2011.

Slipknot parted ways with Jay Weinberg in November, and played their first shows with Casagrande last month at Pappy + Harriet's in Pioneertown, Calif. and then Las Vegas' Sick New World festival. Shortly after, the band formally welcomed the drummer to the band on social media, making it the first time they revealed the identity of a new member so quickly.

In a new interview with Tone-Talk, Root revealed how Casagrande became a member of the 'Knot.

"We didn't even try anybody else. Eloy's name came up. He contacted us, actually, about wanting to be a part of it and started sending a bunch of videos in," Root said, adding that the drummer and bassist V-Man have some mutual friends.

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"It just seemed like a no-brainer. And he's really respectful of the legacy of Joey [Jordison], and Joey was a huge influence on him. And he's so humble. The dude has so much humility. And you could tell he just lives and breathes his craft, to the point where I see his passion and it ignites my passion for my instrument," the guitarist praised.

Are Slipknot Working on New Music With Casagrande?

Earlier in the interview, Root was asked whether the band has been working on new music with Casagrande, to which he replied that they haven't spent much time on new material yet.

"We will be doing that real soon. Eloy has sent me some drum loops. He e-mailed me some… Eloy does a lot of drum videos on his own and play-alongs in his home studio and stuff like that. So he sent me five or six minute — from a minute long to one that's a couple minutes long of just him playing drums," he elaborated.

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Root admitted he had a bit of a difficult time trying to write riffs for some of the drum tracks, but teased that one of them could turn into "an awfully chaotic song, which could be really cool." However, the group wants to get their 2024 touring out of the way before really starting on new music.

See the full interview below.

Jim Root Explains Why Slipknot Hired Drummer Eloy Casagrande

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