Can you guess the famous nu-metal music videos from the screenshots?

Music videos used to be just as important as the songs, especially because of networks such as MTV. So if you were a fan of nu-metal back when it was all happening, there's a high chance you've seen a lot of the music videos quite a few times.

Here's how it works — we provide an initial screenshot from the music video as your clue. The clue doesn't feature any members of the bands or any logos so that the answer isn't obvious, but we tried to pick shots that would be moderately recognizable to most fans.

Don't scroll too fast! The answer is provided in the screenshot underneath. Give yourself a point for every answer you get correct, and be honest! There's no reward at the end, but self-pride is a powerful thing, and you may learn some fun facts about the videos along the way.

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And please don't yell at us for calling certain bands nu-metal. It's just for fun.

Test your nu-metal knowledge by scrolling through the music video screenshots below. Have fun and let us know how many you got right!

Can You Guess the Nu-Metal Video From the Screenshot?

See if you can guess the nu-metal music video from the screenshots below. The answers are provided underneath. No cheating!

Gallery Credit: Lauryn Schaffner

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