In 2003, Deftones' Chino Moreno made some jabbing remarks in an interview that caused contention ahead of Deftones joining Metallica and other nu-metal acts, such as Limp Bizkit, on Metallica's "Summer Sanitarium Tour" that year — including the Deftones lead singer taking a shot at Metallica themselves.

At the time, Moreno didn't want Deftones to do the tour. But he was the only Deftone who thought that way.

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Now, in a new Stereogum chat, Moreno explained why he made those comments, giving more context.

He also newly shared why he didn't want to do the tour with Metallica in the first place. For you see, in 2003, Deftones were actively trying to duck the "nu-metal" tag. So, Deftones joining the nu-metal contingent on the Metallica tour didn't sit right with him.

"That sucked," Moreno now says of the fallout from that interview. "I remember when it came out, they used a picture where I'm like making a snarling face. And in that interview, I remember I was mad at that because I really didn't want to do that tour." (via ThePRP)

However, "It wasn't because of Metallica," the Deftones singer continues, in retrospect. "I love Metallica, but at the time, it was Limp Bizkit, and it was also Linkin Park — who I don't despise either. But it was definitely that time where we were still trying to keep all that long distance. And it was basically Metallica with every nu-metal band at the time."

He Didn't Want to Do Metallica Tour

Moreno explains, "So I didn't want to do that tour, and I was the only one in the band that was against doing that tour."

But ultimately, the tour was a "blast" for Deftones, he says.

"But it was one of those hard decisions that I just didn't want to do," he underscores. "I know it probably wasn't the best thing for us as a band at that time where you're playing in a stadium where there's 70,000 people and it's empty, pretty much. … You're so disconnected from people."

Moreno adds, "It's a great opportunity, and I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I didn't want to do it. So when I was asked about it, I just gave my opinion that I just wasn't really into it. And it came off where I was just being a dick."

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