When you're fanbase are dubbed "Maggots" and you tend to dole out some pretty dark and heavy music, odds are pretty good you might end up with some bizarre forms of tribute along the way. Such is the case for Slipknot, as Corey Taylor recently divulged to Revolver the "worst, weirdest or scariest" fan gift that he ever received.

In excerpted piece from a Revolver print magazine feature, Taylor recalled the time that a fan brought the band a cow heart wrapped in a Valentine box.

He recalled, "One of Slipknot's biggest fans in Holland was this guy Crazy White Sean — he was this weird hippie artist-musician dude who just tooled around Amsterdam doing his thing. We were in Amsterdam on Valentine's Day to play a show, and he brought us a real cow heart in a Valentine's box and it fucking smelled awful."

So how did the members of Slipknot take this gift?

"Somebody tried to take a bite of it and immediately threw up," recalled Taylor. "I was like, 'That's the dumbest thing I've ever seen, and I've been around!'"

The singer says despite the odd gift, there was a place of love for the fan. "Sean was one of those dudes who was kind of confrontational at first, but once you got past that crazy veneer, he was a sweetheart. He passed about about 10 years ago, which was a real bum-out," recalled the singer.

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Slipknot are currently on break from the road, while Corey Taylor is kicking off promotion of his CMF2 solo album with a tour later this month. However, there has been discussion of late of when the band's long awaited Look Outside Your Window album will be released. Read more about that here.

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