Slipknot's Corey Taylor may not be the sportiest of rockers.

In a new interview, the singer readily admitted to losing to Foo Fighters bandleader Dave Grohl at table tennis. In fact, Taylor said he sucked at the sport.

It happened several years ago at Grohl's studio, where Taylor's Stone Sour were making their second album.

The Taylor–Grohl table tennis story cropped up this week (Nov. 6) as Taylor recounted various other times throughout his career that he had hung out with other famous rockstars.

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Dave Grohl + Corey Taylor Table Tennis

"I met Dave when Stone Sour were making Come What(ever) May [2006]," Taylor tells Classic Rock. "We recorded it at his studio, 606. He'd come down and kick our asses at table tennis."

Taylor explains, "[Dave]'s so fucking aggressive about it. If we were up on him, he'd be banging his paddle on the table — 'Come on! Shit!' He was not happy when we did beat him, let's put it that way."

Taylor Says He 'Fell on His Sword'

Taylor adds, "It got to the point that they ended up making me play him to get back in his good graces, because I sucked so bad at it. I'd be the one who fell on his sword to keep Dave happy at table tennis. I was thrown to the lions a lot."

New Music

Taylor's latest solo album, CMF2, is out now. Foo Fighters released But Here We Are in June. See Taylor's upcoming solo band tour dates as well as Foo Fighters tour dates.

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