The company that hosts Capulet Fest, Capulet Entertainment LLC, is now under investigation by Connecticut Attorney General William Tong after his office received numerous complaints from the state's residents.

The festival was originally set to take place June 28 through the 30 at the Thompson Speedway in Thompson, Connecticut. However, on June 27 — just one day prior to the start of the event — the organizers announced that it had been moved to a significantly smaller venue, the Webster Theater in Hartford.

What Happened at Capulet Fest?

What was initially supposed to be a three-day outdoor festival with vendors and other activities became a multi-day indoor concert with extremely limited parking and hardly any other accommodations. Not to mention, 20 bands that were announced on the first lineup had now dropped off.

Regardless of the changes, the event went on — but was cut short a day early after the organizers failed to meet their financial obligations to the Webster Theater.

"Despite our best efforts and due to unforeseen circumstances, Capulet Fest concluded on Saturday night with a spectacular performance by Skillet," an announcement on the festival's website reads.

Several bands have also since posted statements regarding the festival organizer's lack of organization and communication, including Nothing More, who were set to headline one of the nights.

Connecticut Attorney General Announces Investigation Into Capulet Fest

Yesterday (July 2), Attorney General Wong addressed the festival during a conference after his office received many complaints from individuals who'd purchased tickets for the event.

"Nothing makes me more angry than seeing people in our state getting ripped off, and I'm afraid that's what happened with the Capulet music festival " Tong said, adding that he said a billboard advertising the festival on the highway and noted the positive experience it promised fans.

"That's not what people got," he asserted. "This morning, we're up to 60 complaints about what was not delivered. That billboard now feels to me, when I see it, like one big, giant misrepresentation and lie told to the people who paid good money for these tickets."

Tong called the outcome of the festival "outrageous, wrong and unacceptable."

Thus, the investigation was launched yesterday, and Tong's office has been in contact with Capulet Fest founder Estevan Vega's lawyer.

Connecticut Attorney General Answers Questions About Capulet Fest Investigation

Following his initial speech regarding the festival, the floor was opened up for questions from attendees.

One individual mentioned the refund and ticket purchase protection policy that was mentioned on the festival's website.

"Frankly, that's nonsense. That he might've included boilerplate on his website saying 'No Refunds, Rain or Shine,' — that doesn't get it done. When you promise people at $65, $300 or $700, that you're gonna deliver a three-day festival that has food, that has camping, that has security, that is safe, you gotta deliver on that. And they didn't, not even close," Tong affirmed.

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The Attorney General further stated that they don't currently have enough information about the Capulet Entertainment LLC or Vega, so they aren't sure what type of compensation they'll be able to provide to people who purchased tickets for the event.

"We'll do everything we can for fans. Fans are, first and foremost, in our priorities in this investigation, and try to make it right for fans," he assured.

See the full conference below.

Capulet Fest Under Investigation by Connecticut Attorney General William Tong

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