There were a lot of great rock and metal soundtracks over the years, and in this feature we're revisiting each year of the 1990s to pay homage to some great soundtracks that perfectly paired some great music with the story onscreen.

The '90s saw a boom in how music could help in marketing a movie, with plenty of soundtracks vying for your attention by the mid-portion of the decade. Arguably the best year was 1994 when The Crow, Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, Forrest Gump and more went rock band heavy to help sell the films.

The soundtracks in some cases reflected what was going on in music at the time, with Singles being the most obvious, set amidst the burgeoning Seattle grunge scene and featuring many of the emerging bands.

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Which soundtracks really hit the mark in terms of helping to market the movie? Check out the Best Rock and Metal Soundtracks of the '90s below.

The Best Rock + Metal Soundtracks of the 1990s by Year

Soundtracks became more prominent in the '90s, and here we give you the best rock and metal soundtracks by year.

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