Here are the 11 best debut albums in prog metal.

Crafting a great debut LP can be among the easiest or hardest things for a band to do.

On the one hand, they’ve had months (if not years) to perfect their writing and performances while nailing down the best picks for the tracklist. At the same time, though, they need to adequately and enticingly capture their artistic intentions/potential while gaining enough traction to stay afloat.

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Luckily, the 11 progressive metal albums on this list satisfied most, if not all, of those expectations/requirements.

Honestly, several of them are still in the conversation when it comes to deciding the band’s premier collection; in one bittersweet case, it’s the artist’s only record (yet it quickly became one of the decade’s greatest genre releases). Regardless, all of them earn their spot as 11 of the best progressive metal debut albums of all time.

11 Best Prog Metal Debut Albums

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Gallery Credit: Jordan Blum

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