These are the best metalcore albums from each year since 2000.

It's no accident that metalcore became arguably the biggest cultural force in heavy music in the 21st century. For better or worse, the genre has always been a young person's game and the tastes of young people have taken metalcore into some wildly different places.

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To illustrate this, we've gone through the past two decades-plus, using 2000 as a clean cutoff point, although arguments can be made for early forms of metalcore predating the new millennium.

On a pure timeline basis, it's a testament to how much the genre has changed. What other subgenre of heavy metal is home to something as chaotic as Converge's Jane Doe and as sugary as Attack Attack!'s Someday Came Suddenly? Each of these albums captures its era, including its booms and busts.

Without further ado, here's the best metalcore album of every year from 2000.

The Best Metalcore Album of Every Year Since 2000

Naming the best metalcore album of each year, starting with 2000.

Gallery Credit: John Hill

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